The Second Wave

The shocking truth about environmental toxins in the Baltic Sea.


This film gives a disturbing picture of a new wave of environmental toxins threatening wildlife and humans – like newborn Alfred. It turned out that Alfred had higher blood levels of toxic pollutants than his mother. As a result of the film, alarmed scientist began a comprehensive study on pregnant women and environmental toxins.

The Second Wave investigates toxic chemicals found in and around the Baltic Sea, in wildlife and in human bodies. It shares the insights of various experts on the consequence for the world surrounding us and our unborn children. 

The Baltic Sea is a collection point for environmental toxins. The effects of the emissions are rarely known. But eventually, the devastating effects appear in both humans and wildlife: impaired fertility, impaired intellectual capacity, impaired immune system.

Scientists are convinced that environmental toxins are one of the reasons that the situation for some species is getting worse. Some are even about to vanish.

Producer/Director Folke Rydén
Reporter Anna Wahlgren
Title The Second Wave / Den andra vågen
Length 1 x 28/52/58 minutes
Release 2013


2015 awarded The Silver Prize in the  The Deauville Green Awards in Paris, France.

2014 awarded The Best Story in the 13th NaturVision Film Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany

2014 awarded the Special Jury Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.


Den Andra Vågen – the Swedish version of The Second Wave (54 minutes)

Den Andra Vågen – the Swedish version of The Second Wave (28 minutes)

Spin-off. Pharmaceuticals in the Baltic Sea (Swedish, 13 minutes)

Spin-off. The Toxic Compromise (58 min)

Spin-off. The Baltic Sea Expedition (13 minutes)

Animations  from The Second Wave.

Animations from The Second Wave.