Folke Rydén and Mattias Klum are the founders of Our Baltic Sea Media Project, supported by BalticSea2020.


Folke Rydén 

Folke Rydén has won numerous international awards and his documentaries have been shown all over the world.

Folke Rydén was born in Uppsala, Sweden. With an MA in journalism from the University of Stockholm, he began working for Swedish national television in 1982. In 1989 Folke Rydén became the U.S. Correspondent for SVT, based in Washington D.C. He moved to Hong Kong in 1996.

In 1993, he was awarded the Bonnier Grand Prize in journalism – the most prestigious journalism award in Sweden

Today Folke Rydén is living and working in Sweden where he has his own production company, FRP AB.

Folke Rydén’s great passion is skydiving. He is a five-time National Champion and he has participated in several record-breaking skydiving formations.

Folke Rydén Production AB


Mattias Klum

Mattias Klum was born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1968 and started taking pictures in his teens. He has worked full-time as a freelance photographer since 1986, and as a cinematographer and director on numerous film and television projects since 1994. In an artistic way that is entirely his own, Klum describes and portrays animals, plants, and natural and cultural settings in the form of articles, books, films, lectures and exhibitions. 

Since 1997, Mattias has produced multiple articles and 13 cover stories for National Geographic magazine. He has produced 9 film projects and published 14 books to date.

Mattias has been named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, awarded an honorary Doctorate in Natural Sciences by Stockholm University, appointed Senior Fellow at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Fellow at the National Geographic Society and the Linnean Society of London, goodwill ambassador for IUCN and WWF and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees at WWF Sweden.

Mattias Klum Tierra Grande AB


BalticSea2020 was founded by Mr Björn Carlson through a donation of 500 million SEK. The assets shall finance projects that are action-oriented, innovative and contributes to a healthier Baltic Sea. The foundation also works to spread knowledge and information about the Baltic Sea to decision makers, authorities, schools and individuals.

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