The Contemplator

The Baltic Sea is probably on of our World's most beautiful but also most vulnerable seas. 


A beautiful film by Mattias Klum,  full of poetry and reflection. Describing life around the Baltic Sea, man and animal alike. This film is aimed at inspiring people to consider the beauty around them, and thus care for it.

Film maker and director Mattias Klum has along with his team followed life around the sea for four years for this unique film. A girl is born in a coastal town, a sea eagle is hatched and a grey seal pup learns how to swim and dive.  

The Contemplator celebrates the unparalleled beauty of this fragile sea and is a powerful reminder of what's at stake.

Producer/Director Mattias Klum
Title  The Contemplator / Betraktaren
Length  58 minutes
Release 2013


Photography: Mattias Klum & The Contemplator