1. Be fish-friendly

Eat non-threatened fish. Download WWF's Fishing Guide.

2. Put pressure on your politicians

Put pressure on your local politicians regarding the Baltic Sea environment. Ask questions and write letters to the press and drive on – not least if you live in a coastal municipality.

3. Wash with care

Wash with eco-labeled and phosphate-free detergents.

4. Use less disposable cutlery

Use less disposable cutlery, plates and grill, and throw garbage on the environment station to hold nature clean.

5. Don't throw your waste overboard

Empty hull toilet and waste water on port reception stations instead of into the sea. Choose eco-friendly vehicles and fuels on land and at sea.

6. Don't use toxic paints

Do not use toxic paints on the boat and feel free to use hull washing.

7. Replace the 2-stroke engine with a 4-stroke

Replace the boat's old two-stroke engine with a four-stroke. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, toiletries and other liquids.

8. Your suggestion, please!

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