Educational material

Lessons to be learned about the state of the Baltic Sea environment.

This material addresses students from the age of 13. It gives examples of ways to deal with the issue of the Baltic Sea environment, with a particular focus on the films For Cod's Sake, Dirty Waters, The Second Wave and Shipping Pollution.

What is the current situation? What can you do to improve it? Who is responsible for the current problems? How are other parts of the world affected?

The tasks are proposed to be worked with either before, during or after watching the films, but of course one can make use of the tasks whenever it seems appropriate.

Please note: The Big Picture application has expired

Our mission is to let as many people learn about the Baltic Sea. Therefore we try to make it as easy for you as possible to include the topic in your class.

Lessons to learn about fishery – For Cod's Sake

Lessons to learn about eutrophication – Dirty Waters

Lessons to learn about toxic chemicals – The Second Wave

Lessons to learn about shipping – Shipping Pollution


If you would like to order a USB memory stick with four documentaries – For Cod's Sake, Dirty Waters, The Second Wave and Shipping Pollution, please contact

The USB includes bonus material and the educational material.